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January Newsletter

Drop in the Bucket January 2018 monthly newsletter.

Welcome to Drop in the Bucket’s first update of 2018. We are proud to report that we ended last year on a fundraising high note. Although December has always been a successful month for donations, this year was exceptional! We thank you for your impressive generosity.  Your support makes all of our work possible!

As the crisis in South Sudan continues, refugees are packed into settlements and camps on the northern border of Uganda. And DROP remains dedicated to maintaining a presence in both countries.

Drop in the Bucket Africa water wells Uganda Soroti Serere Obangin
Obangin village in Serere, Uganda now has a working well.

Our drilling team in the Palabek Refugee Settlement at the northern border of Uganda has been working tirelessly to provide water to the camp and surrounding community. Since the beginning of the year, we have already drilled nine wells. Our goal is the maximize the dry season and drill another twenty new wells before May.

Dropin the Bucket Uganda water wells Katakwi Oyilotor
A recently completed well in Oyilotor village, Katakwi, Uganda.

We are also planning to upgrade some of the high-yielding wells by adding solar pumps and multiple tap stands. This will allow the water points to serve more people and alleviate long lines.

Looking Forward

While Drop in the Bucket started as a water charity, our program now covers significantly more than just water.  In our February newsletter, we hope to share some information on the South Sudanese girls in our education program who are determined to graduate high school and not become lost to another generation of voiceless child brides.

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