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Charcoal Sisters

Hello lovely readers! We are Morgan and Natalie, the faces behind Charcoal Sisters. We became passionate about activated charcoal in the summer of 2017, when we discovered all the amazing things that charcoal could do. We had always loved baking together, and we were always pushing ourselves to find the most creative and interesting baked goods. After a few failed attempts to spice up our usual baking, we suddenly stumbled upon the “goth ice-cream” trend which was sweeping the media. We became fascinated with the color, which we learned was created by activated charcoal, and its potential for making food an amazing deep black color. We saw it as a conversation piece, a natural way to inspire curiosity and amazement at food. With more research, we discovered that activated charcoal was not only perfect for making food more exciting and engaging, but also had wonderful deep-cleaning properties, for both inside and out. We found that adding charcoal to our lemonade made us feel even more energetic and clean, and applying a charcoal face mask made our skin soft and clear for days. Thus began our obsession, which we realized was so much more than we had originally anticipated. We began to see activated charcoal as a lifestyle, in which peace, balance, generosity, and health are our core values. To honor this beautiful substance, we wrote a book, which we named Activated Charcoal: A Lifestyle Guide. You can buy the book soon, from

Before even starting to write this book, we knew that it was necessary to add a charity aspect. Our mission has always been to spread love, peace, and happiness and to show others the amazing powers that activated charcoal has in cleansing the body, skin, and mind. It only felt right that the profits of sharing the product of our hard work should go on to spread more love and health. That’s why we chose Drop in the Bucket, an amazing charity that focuses on bringing clean water to children in sub-Saharan Africa in order to allow them to focus on becoming educated. Drop in the Bucket aims to inspire and empower students to learn instead of fetch water, allowing them to become leaders in their communities and shoot for a bright future. Buying this book and supporting the message of a clean body and mind is a contribution to this amazing cause, as all of the profits from the purchase of this book will be donated directly to Drop in the Bucket. To learn more about Drop in the Bucket, visit, and to donate more to our campaign, visit. 

We hope you donate to this fantastic cause and continue to spread the message of happiness, health, and activated charcoal!

Much Love,

Morgan and Natalie

Charcoal Sisters

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