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We all know that poverty is a “monster” which continues to grow in some parts of our region. We should not only think about economic poverty: anthropological poverty which includes losing confidence in oneself can have serious consequences. It is our conviction that as poverty is multi-faceted and immense, so must be the means we deplore to eradicate it. Poverty must be fought with adequate and appropriate means.


The biggest population of the youth and women practice crude but small scale or subsistence farming / enterprises in Gulu district. They constitute 78% but still live in abject property. These women and youth grow maize, rice, cassava, bananas and coffee both as food crops and cash crops to improve on the house hold incomes. They are also engaged in small businesses and simple trading.


However, women dealing in these enterprises have not yet benefited from the enterprise because it fetches very low market prices which are in most cases unstable, thus leaving their incomes very low coupled with low standards of living.


The causes for the low incomes by most women enterprises have been due to: – low participation of the women in the value chain activities and agricultural marketing groups which increase bargaining power of farmers in the markets. Selling un-valued added unprocessed maize products which are of poor quality brought about by poor storage and post- harvest handling practices, limited access to value adding equipments, and poor linkages between production and marketing, and access to credit facilities still a problem have all hampered development.


Many people from villages in Gulu are striving to have small scale loans with little or no success. Such loans and guidance are available to individuals who have securities ad better placed in communities. The poor vulnerable women and youth of Gulu have not adequately benefited from financial services.


The poor state of education facilities and the cost of the social services are posing a great danger for the rural people.


To ensure youth and women and enterprises complete favorably through the current stiffer competition in agricultural and business sectors, there is need to help the local people identify their potential. A lot of mobilization of all stake holders is needed. Tools for development must be put in place successes to be realized. This will enable the women in farming to play a more active role in value chain for increased farm productivity, quality improvement and standardization and household incomes.


GOAL: The main goal of this proposed project is to improve house hold income in active youth and women of Laroo division and the surrounding areas through provision of start up capital.


In view of the above overall goal, this project has three objectives as follows:


  • To reduce vulnerability of poor women and youth by improving their disposal house hold incomes in Gulu.


  • To improve entrepreneurship skills among rural youth and women of Gulu.
  • To strengthen Small scale projects inside and out side the sub county owned by women and youth.
  • to arrange an entrepreneurship training to educate the youth and women on income generating activities


The projected beneficiaries of this project are the rural and poor women and youth of Laroo division in four parishes.



  • Increased projects owned by women and youth in the sub county.


  • Viable and sustainable marketing system of enterprises established.
  • Household Incomes for the Rural Youth and Women improved.
  • Strong and viable Women and Youth farmer groups established.
  • Quality improvement and standardization as a result of training in value chain addition
  • Improved home stead disposable income.
  • Improved socio-economic well being of the rural Youth and Women


  1. The project will build the capacity of the Women and Youth groups to enable them develop business plans. This will make the Women and Youth group more focused and enable it sell its developmental proposals to other development organizations
  2. Co-funding will be encouraged overtime in project activities by encouraging Women and Youth to contribute to their group and this will create a sense of ownership and self-reliable to enable them carry their own educational programs
  3. The project will ensure that there is increased membership to enable them carry out their own financial obligation.
  4. Basic business management skills will be shared among the women and youth which will help them in tracking progress of their business.
No Item/activity Quantity Cost Amount in Dollars ($) Amount  in UGX
1. Procurement of office stationery $116.6 400,000
2. Selection of beneficiaries 80 people in four parishes Transport for Five days @ at  3,000/=

Facilitators 2 people for 10 days each at 30,000/=

$625 1,500,000=
3 Radio Programme  4 Programs @ 50,000= $83.3 200,000=
4 Orientation of local leadership $83.3 200,000=
5 Establishment of a demonstration site 1 Lump sum $416.6 1,000,000=
6 Purchasing of pigs / piglets 80 piglets 25,000= $833.3 2,000,000=
7 Funds for micro-credit finance 80 people Lump sum $8,333.3 20,000,000=
8 Personnel 3 people @250,000 for 12 months $3,750 9,000,000=
9 Training of beneficiaries 5 workshops 1,000,000 $2,083.3 5,000,000=
10 Transport Costs & utilities Lump sum $833.3 2,000,000=
11 Office Rent 12 Months 70,000 $350 840,000=
12 Miscellaneous $833.3 2,000,000=
7 TOTAL     $18,391.7 44,140,000=


0% RAISED OF $ 18,392
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