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Irina Borin

Welcome to the Power of ONE fundraising page!


We are a community connected to Drop in the Bucket through our affiliation with Insight2Profit. Our community believes in the Power of ONE. The idea that ONE person is empowered to take action. That ONE action can start a ripple effect benefiting an entire community. That ONE community can change the world.


I have worked at INSIGHT2PROFIT for over 5 years and have seen our company sponsor dozens of wells and support girls of South Sudan in continuing their high school education. Today, the most extreme poverty is found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our focus is specifically on South Sudan. This is a country of more than 12 million people and only 500 girls graduate high school each year. We want to change this and I need your help.


Ryan White (The CEO of INSIGHT2PROFIT) is so committed to this goal that he has pledged to match dollar for dollar, every donation collected by the Power of ONE fund.  Your gift will help us cover tuition fees and build a secure environment equipped to support a girls educational success.  Beyond the cost of education girls need school supplies, uniforms, personal care items, room and board, and at times medical attention.  The program also requires transportation, drivers, support personnel, and administration.


Check out the Power of everyONE’s contribution:

  • $50: Provides one girl with uniforms and school supplies
  • $200: Covers room and board for 1 girl for a year
  • $2,000: Educates a girl for 1 year
  • $6,000: Builds 1 well to supply water to a full school and the surrounding community
  • $10,000: Educates a girl all the way through secondary school
  • $20,000: Provides clean and safe sanitation for a whole school, includes: septic, block of 8 toilets, and a handwashing station


Dowries are a part of the social fabric for girls in South Sudan and marrying young prevents girls from completing their education. Drop works with awareness and sensitivity to alleviate this pressure for the girls and their families. Therefore monies contributed to this fund may also be needed to offset a dowry.


The Power of ONE donation. The Power of ONE well. The Power of ONE educated girl. The Power of ONE.

RAISED $ 960
16% RAISED OF $ 6,000
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