Adire Primary School

The Adire Primary School is located in Kajo Keji in the Central Equatoria state of South Sudan.

The was in urgent need of a source of clean water. We were told about the school by the local authorities who said the school had all of it’s pupils, workers and teachers drinking from a polluted local river. The area surrounding the school is extremely underdeveloped in a country that is considered one of the least developed places on the planet. There is no road going to the school big enough for a drilling rig and compressor trucks to get there, but the community was so eager to get clean water that they began clearing the road in shifts. There was a group of parents working during the day and another larger group working in the late afternoon into the early evening. Over the course of a few months they cleared a road wide enough for our tucks to get to the school.

The Area is very remote area and impossible to access with a drilling rig for most of the year. This is in part due to the roads, but also the school is a an place that to access you need to cross a river with no bridge across. For half of the year, it is impossible to reach this area unless you are traveling on foot. The locals have constructed a makeshift bridge that you can walk across but that’s the only way to get there. In the dry season however you can drive across where the river usually is and to drill a well for the school we had to wait nine months for the water level to be low enough for us to get the rig and all of the support vehicles there.

South Sudan
Kajo Keji County

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