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Amusia-Ajesa Community

The Amusia-Ajesa village is located in the Gweri Parish, in the Gweri sub-County, of the Soroti District of Uganda.

Drop in the Bucket recently drilled a well for the 1,500 people living in the village. Before the well was drilled, all of the villagers were collecting water from natural sources. This means they were drinking water from anywhere where they could find it, primarily ditches and local swamps.

Before we worked at the village, we visited it several times to assess the water situation. On one of those trips we met a 98-year-old woman named Akiteng Tamali. Tamali told us for the last few years she has survived on dirty drinking water. When she was younger and healthier, she used to make the 5 km (3.1 miles) walk to the nearest well, but now she is no longer able to make such a long walk.

Omujasi Charles has been working with the LCI (Local Council) committee in the area and says the new well is a huge blessing because it will reduce the community’s risk of water borne diseases. The villagers recently had to deal with an outbreak of typhoid, which sadly claimed lives of three people. They also regularly had to deal with other water-borne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. The new well will dramatically change all of that, and everyone here is looking forward to a much healthier future.


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