Christ Bright Primary School

The Christ Bright Academy is located in Torit, South Sudan.

The school opened in 2008 with only a few pupils, however due to the school’s high performance, they started to register a large number of pupils. In 2010 they opened a new branch at the location where we just completed the new well.

Before the well the schools main source of water was a 1000 liter plastic rainwater harvesting tank which worked fine for part of the year, but during the dry season the school had to rely on river water that was delivered by truck. It was not purified or filtered in any way, in fact it was taken straight out of a local river and was not clean or safe to drink.

Date Drilled: May 2, 2013
Date Completed: May 6, 2013
Location: N 04.397634, E 032.594549
Final Depth: 44M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 1945+lts/hr
Pump Installed: India Mark II

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Villages Served:
South Sudan

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