Gukic Primary School

The Gukic Primary School is located in the village Gukic which is in the Ringmamer Boma of the Mangok Payam in Aweil East in South Sudan.

The school has 450 pupils; 305 boys and 145 girls. The borehole well we are building now provides water to the school and 15 neighboring villages, which is a total of 2900 people benefitting from the well. These statistics have been verified by cross-checking them with the figures taken during the recent elections.

The school has only 5 teachers, and it was established by the government in 1996. The school has 12 orphans and 5 special needs children. Prior to the well the closest source of drinking water was a local river.

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Teachers:
Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
Number Of Villages Served:
South Sudan
Aweil East

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