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Ilbissil Girls Boarding and Secondary School

The town of Ilbissil is situated at the foot of Ilbissil Mountain, in the very rural Massai area of Kenya. Located there are two schools established by the African Inland Church, which is located just across the street from the two adjacent schools.

The larger of the schools is a boarding school for girls. Many of the girls in this community do not attend school or are solely focused on getting married, and 75% have undergone female genital mutilation, but the boarding school offers an alternative to the girls of Ilbissil.

The water situation in Ilbissil had been difficult prior to this well. Animals were dying, and some of the residents were forced to move elsewhere without water to irrigate the 200 acres of open farmland.

The new well involved two-phases. The first phase allowed the community to enjoy getting fresh water using a hand pump, and the second phase was the installation of a solar pump

Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
Number Of Villages Served:

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