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Jalimo Orphanage Primary School

The Jalimo Orphanage Primary School is in the Kajo Keji District of South Sudan. It is located in the Jalimo village which is in the Kanyapo II Payam. The school has 664 pupils. The school also has 72 orphans that are currently studying there. The school was originally an orphanage, but is now a regular school, though they decided to keep the original name.

Before the well the nearest water source was 3 km away from the school but, and as there was no nearer water source, the school had to use it every day. The school had applied several times to the local water authority for their own well, but there was not sufficient funding to pay for one. The well now serves not just the school, but also five neighboring villages.

In the photo gallery on this page there are several photos of children collecting water from puddles. Puddles like these were the closest source of water before the well. The children and villagers all knew this water would make them sick, but with the nearest well being so far away they often had no choice but to drink this water. The situation is much better now that the school has a well.

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South Sudan

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