Kendiri Primary School

The Kendiri Primary School is in the Kajo Keji region of the Central Equatoria state in South Sudan.

One of the children that goes to school here is Awyti Blass she is 14 years old and is in 7th grade at Kendiri Primary School, in South Sudan.   She wants to be a typist or secretary when she grows up.  She and her sisters are responsible for collecting the water for their family.  Each day the girls would walk four km from their village to the water source, which was a shallow, hand-dug, unprotected hole in the ground.   Often they would have to leave the village at 5AM in order to reach the water source before other villagers got there and collected all of the water.   If they got there too late and the water was gone for the day, the girls would then have to walk an even further distance, which could cause them to be late or miss school all together. The girls would fill four jerry cans with water, which the family of six would use for all of their water needs each day.   Now that there is clean water on the school compound, Awyti and her sisters have more time to focus on their studies.

Number Of Villages Served:
South Sudan

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