King of Kings College

The King of Kings College is a university in Mukura village which is in the Mukura parish of the Mukura sub-county in Ngora, Uganda. The new well is used by the school and the local community. The school currently has 184 boys and 197 girls enrolled as students.

Alupo Nobert and her other two Siblings have been had to deal with more hardship than most people their ages. They lost their father in 1996 when Nobert was just 7 years old. After their fatherls death their mother abandoned the children and just took off. Since then Nobert and her sisters have had to rely on relatives for shelter, medication, school fees, food, clothing and any other necessities. Nobert’s aunt Isioku Mary, took her on and is doing her best to pay her school fees.

“It has helped the students so much that Drop in the bucket has drilled a well at the school. Water is now much closer and constantly available which has relieved us of a great burden.” Nobert states. During times of lunch and break, one does not need to have water stored in the doom for washing utensils but collect from the borehole and go to the washing ground.
Nobert’s ambitions are either to go into broadcast media at Makerere University, or to go into politics. Her role models are Recho Mayanja, the UN Secretary and Apolot Jackline the woman member of parliament for Ngora District.

Nobert always spends her holidays in the village with her grandparents since her aunt is based in Kampala and does not sometimes send her the transport to travel every holiday. She still wonders why her mother deserted her and her sisters.

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