Lohehe Primary School

The Lohehe Primary School is located in the village Lohehe which is near Torit, South Sudan.

The well is currently being used by 669 people. At the time of the well construction the school only had 115 pupils which is much less than our usual amount. However we decided to make an exception for this school as there are considerably more children in the area who are not attending school and we know that having clean water at the school will make them want to go there.

The current source of water is a a few natural springs which are several kms away from the school. The main one is located on top of a nearby mountain and during the rainy season there is a lot of water found at this source. During the dry season it, and several other springs dry up and it becomes very difficult to live here. The children were missing a lot of school due to being thirsty and having to walk for hours to get water. The new well will change everything for the school and the neighboring community.

Date Drilled: April 24, 2013
Date Completed: April 28, 2013
Location: N 04.277011, E 032.385686
Final Depth: 48M
Depth first water was found:
Max Yield: 8000+lts/hr
Pump Installed: India Mark II

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
Number Of Villages Served:
South Sudan

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