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Mama Kevina

Mama Kevina is a Primary, Secondary and Nursery School. The school is both a boarding school and a day school and there is even a hospital on the school grounds that serves the school and the local community. The school is made up of about 80% orphaned children.

The school also operates two businesses, one is a bakery and the other is a brick making facility. The School has several clubs including a health and sanitation club, it also has a science lab.

The school is very self sufficient, they raise chickens, pigs and cattle. The school was set up and originally funded by the local Church. The one thing they were missing was clean water. The entire school including the staff was drinking water from the nearby river. The water was very dirty and unsafe to drink and there were a lot of missed days at school due to illness.

The school is sharing the toilets with the community and have designated one male and one female toilet stance for community use. The local community is very involved in the project (as well as the local Rotary chapter).

This school was selected as the first school to get our new 5×5 toilet block. For more information on this please check out the following link/content/innovations


Number Of Villages Served:

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