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Nimule Children’s Village

The Children’s Village orphanage in Nimule was originally started by Americans, but is now operated and run by a staff of 35 local Sudanese who take care of over 240 orphans.

A few of the children at this orphanage were gathered up from decimated villages immediately after LRA attacks. Some had seen their parents killed in front of them and their older siblings kidnapped. The only thing that saved these children from being forced to become child soldiers was the fact that they were so young. But if they had been at least seven-years old, they most likely would have been taken too.

We have been trying to provide the orphanage with water for some time now but, up until recently, we had not been able to persuade any of our drillers to go into the Sudan. A month ago that changed, as our main driller from Gulu agreed to visit the orphanage.

The latrines had collapsed, leaving the children and workers without any sanitation, and the situation was urgent. On seeing the orphanage and realizing that his drilling rig and crew’s safety would be guaranteed, the driller agreed to travel to Nimule and install a full system there.

The Children’s Village now has ten flush toilets, two wells, a roundabout pump, a hand-washing station, and our eco-sanitation septic system.

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South Sudan
Nimule County

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