Nyakaliso Primary School

Drop in the Bucket was approached about drilling a well at the Nyakaliso Primary School by an organization out of the UK called Africa Revival. We knew of African Revival from the excellent work they do building schools across East Africa, so we were happy to partner with them on this project.

This project was surveyed but had to be delayed due to the intense seasonal rain. Flooding made some of the roads hard to traverse with our big trucks, so we had to wait until the rain stopped before we could continue with drilling. The survey had suggested we would hit water at 40 meters, but we ended up drilling 70 meters so that we were sure the well was deep enough to provide water throughout the year.

The project benefits the school and the surrounding community which consists of 323 families for a total of approximately 1200 people. The school has a total enrollment of 429 students (226 boys/ 203 girls) with 7 teachers (5 male/2 Female) and we are happy to say that they now have clean water. We are grateful to African Revival for choosing to partner with us on this project and to our donors for co-funding the project.

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:

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