Odiding Community

Drop in the Bucket drilled this well in the Odiding Village of Kabata Parish, Kumi sub-county, and Kumi District. Before the well the nearest source of water was an unprotected spring. An unprotected spring, or natural well, is created when the local community digs down to a natural water source. One of the main problems with unprotected wells is that the water is prone to contamination from things like human waste or even things like household waste, fertilizers etc. The other problem is that livestock like cows and goats us this water too and because there is no fence around it, they stand in it while drinking which also contaminates the water.

The community lived 3-5 km from the old water source, and during the dry season, people would end up waiting in line for two hours or more for water. This was because other communities were also using that water. Now that Odiding has its own well, they no longer have to stand on line for hours every day.

The two most common ailments in the area are malaria and diarrhea, and now that the community has safe water, the risk of these diseases has gone down considerably.

Odiding has a population of 656 people (female=324 and male=332). The people in this community grow crops both for food and sale and raise animals.

Nowadays, life is very different in Odiding. People no longer waste hours every day walking and standing on line for water. People are much healthier and happier as the risk of getting diarrhea is much less. Children are now able to spend more time in school as they are no longer sick all the time. Things are much better thanks to the new well.

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