Pakeyo Health Center II

Pakeyo Health Center II sees over fifty patients a day but had no clean water. This presented an extra strain on the health care workers who had to either leave their patients during the day to fetch water or try to manage without. Often the only option was to send patients to fetch water while they were waiting to be treated. The nearest source of water to the facility was a community well that is located on the other side of a busy main road.

That meant taking a 10-liter jug and waiting for a break in traffic before crossing the road. Once you were across the road, you had to walk to the well and wait in line with the other community members. Once the jug was filled you would then have to walk back and cross the road carrying 22lb (1 kg) of water. Sometimes there were no patients well enough to make the walk, so on those days all of the patients would have to go without. Luckily this is no longer a problem as the health center now has clean water.

Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
150 patients/week
Lukal oyee A

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