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Pece Pawel Primary School

This project was for a school that the local authorities were threatening to shut down due to the school’s poor sanitation facilities. We built a well at the school and once we realized how bad the toilets were decided to give them a complete Royal Flush sanitation system.
After the system was completed several girls who had dropped out of school returned once they heard about the new toilets. The lack of decent sanitation and privacy had been making it difficult for them to stay at school, but now they are back and continuing their education. Uganda’s biggest newspaper the New Vision, wrote this article about these girls and our eco-sanitation system.


Please check out the pictures in the photo section of this page for photos of the well being installed.


This was the first project where we installed our new covered soak pit. Due to the Jerry cans that people in Africa use to collect water from wells, there is always a lot of spilled water. This water, if left alone, can gather near the well and form puddles. These can then become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases like Malaria. We insist on putting soak pits near the well. These are essentially deep holes filled with bricks that the well runoff is diverted into. This prevents standing water and keeps everything safer and healthier.


Because there is often so little water around, occasionally some villagers ignore the sanitation education part of our program and remove the bricks from the soak pit so that their cattle can graze. Having animals this near to the well is very unhealthy and must be discouraged. The cement-covered soak pit makes it impossible to do this.


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Pece Division
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