Pece Pu Dyek

The name is “Pece” pronounced “Pech-ay” in Acholi the word means over-crowded. Pece is a community in Gulu, Uganda, and it was one of the areas that was very hard hit by the LRA or Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA was a terror group that tried to take over Uganda. At their height they had tens of thousands of soldiers, many of whom were children. After the fighting stopped many of the people displaced by the conflict settled in Pece. The village is very close to the site of one of the large IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camp.

The community is made up of approximately 3000 people who, until recently, did not have access to any clean water sources. The situation was so harsh, one-fourth of the community died the previous year from water-related diseases.

Number Of Community Beneficiaries:

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