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St Kizito Nnaalinnya Primary School

The St Kizito Nalinnya Primary School is in the village of Kiti, which is in the Masaka district of central Uganda. It is located between three villages, which will also have access to the water from the well. There are 800 pupils and 12 teachers at St. Kizito (330 boys and 470 girls), and of these children, 271 are orphans. There are 22 special needs children at the school.

Before the well the nearest source of clean water wass 8 kms away from the school. Because of this distance they urgently needed a nearby source of safe, clean water. The project itself was particularly tough. Masaka is an area know for its dense rock and difficulty of drilling. Also many of the wells in this area dry up during the dry season leaving the locals with no water. It took two attempts before we were able to hit water, but as you can see in the photos below, the well is now active and working perfectly.

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Teachers:
Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
Number Of Villages Served:

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