Wi Anaka Health Center II

The Wi Anaka Health Center II is the main place where the area’s expectant mothers go to deliver their babies. This is due to the facility’s experienced staff and in particular their skilled midwives. The health center staff’s already challenging work would be considerably more difficult without clean water, but until recently that was their reality.

The nearest water source was 1 km away and every morning before he started work, Wi Anaka’s caretaker would ride his bicycle to the nearest source of piped water. ¬†Once there, he would wait in line to load up with as much water as he could carry and then ride to work. During the busier days, this water would soon run out leaving the clinic without clean water and forcing them to use unsafe water.

Luckily the Wi Anaka Health Center II no longer has to deal with those kind of problems thanks to their new well.

Follow this link to read more about the water situation at the Wi Anaka Health Center II.

Number Of Community Beneficiaries:
250 Patients/week
Wii Anaka

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