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Wurta Primary School

The Wurta Primary School is located in the Kayapo II District of South Sudan.

The school has 474 pupils; 230 boys and 244 girls, including 50 children who are orphans. The school has 4 full time paid teachers and two volunteer teachers.

Before the well the nearest water source was 1 km away, which was too far for the entire school to use on a daily basis. The new well is being used by the school and 5 neighboring villages.

One of the photos in the slideshow below shows the way the school and villagers used to get water before the well was built. As you can see the pond water she is collecting is no clean. The situation for everyone at the Wurta School and the surrounding villages is greatly improved now that they have a well.

Original Number Of Boys:
Original Number Of Girls:
Number Of Teachers:
Number Of Villages Served:
South Sudan
Kajo Keji

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