Origin of Drop

Drop in the Bucket was formed by a group of friends from Los Angeles who wanted to do something to give back. TV Producer Stacey Travis heard that two doctors from her hometown in Tennessee were going to be traveling to Uganda on a medical trip and asked if she could come along. Before going on the trip, she was talking to one of the doctors and she asked what was the best and worst things about the work they were doing. He replied that the best part is helping children, and the worst part is knowing that the next time you go back everybody will be just as sick. When Stacey asked why, the doctor said “It’s the water they are drinking. It’s keeping them sick”.

Stacey and a group of her friends decided to throw a fundraiser to raise the money for a well to get the village clean water. That was the first well and it was drilled in 2006. The party raised money enough for two wells, so a second well was drilled in a neighboring village. Donations kept coming in and as they did more wells kept getting funded, but the group started to question the sustainability of working with partners on the ground. When you raise money from friends and family members you have a real commitment to make sure the money they give is not being wasted.

400Drop later established its first field office in Uganda and started hiring local people to handle drilling and monitor the completed wells. Over time this grew to the point where Drop now owns trucks, drills, compressors and operates three offices, all staffed with local people. Our goal is not just water, but to create sustainable long-term solutions to the water and sanitation crisis, promote gender equality and help get children, particularly girls, in school.

15 years and 400+ water wells later, we continue to grow our efforts to empower communities.