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Roundabout Pumps

In remote primary schools with large numbers of younger children, hand pumps are not always the best solution. Smaller children may not have sufficient arm strength to work the hand pumps, so they often end up leaning on the pump handle and using the mass of their body weight to work the pump. The problem with this is that over time it can break the pump. Another issue is, a well cannot be sited next to latrines for a fear of ground contamination, but of course you still want everyone to wash their hands after using the toilet.

A roundabout pump address both of these issues. Instead of using the pump to bring water up from the aquifer, we repurpose the pumps for moving the water above ground. The pump carries water to different locations on the school grounds such as toilets, hand washing stations, school kitchens, science labs, gardens or any other areas that need water. They do not require any fuel to work other than happy children who are delighted to have a fun piece of equipment to play on in their school playground.

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