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Support to Secondary Schools

Support To Secondary Schools

Since 2016, Drop in the Bucket has been implementing a program that provides secondary school scholarships to South Sudanese girls. The girls in our current program were selected from five participating primary school in Nimule South Sudan. 

Shortly after the girls were selected, fighting broke out in the region and many of the girls’ parents were killed. Several of our girls ended up living in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. Drop in the Bucket staff, went to the refugee camps to find our students and get them to safety. We selected boarding schools where the girls could stay and be taken care of by trained staff.

The goal of this program is to provide these girls with a secondary school education in a country with one of the lowest percentages of girls in secondary school in the world. A recent census found that in a country of 11 million people, there were just 500 girls in the last year of secondary school. Drop in the Bucket is currently supporting 135 girls with full scholarships to a secondary school education.

A 15-year girl in South Sudan has a higher chance of dying during childbirth than of graduating secondary school.

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