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Water for Schools

Every 19 seconds a child dies from water and sanitation related disease.

If you find that number shocking, here is something even more shocking. Most of these deaths are easily preventable and the solution is as simple as providing clean water and proper sanitation.

Since 2006, Drop in the Bucket has been drilling wells across sub-Saharan Africa. The wells we drill are deep wells drilled down to the aquifer, also known as boreholes. The wells are generally fitted with hand pumps, but we have also built systems with solar pumps and roundabout pumps. The type of pump we use is based on the location and the community, for instance a large rural school with a lot of small children is better suited for a roundabout pump than a secondary school where most of the children are older. 

This video shows how a well at her school changed this girl’s life.

You can fund your own well for a school or village in East Africa with Drop in the Bucket. Your well will make a massive impact on the local community and immediately start changing lives. We will also set an engraved tile into the base of the well with the inscription of your choice and will send you photos of the water situation before and after the well so that you can just how big a difference you have made.

Drop in the Bucket will add a page to our website with the photos from your well and the GPS coordinates so that you can see on a map the exact location of your well.

If you would like to fund a well at a school, please consider either making a donation for $7,500 or starting a fundraising campaign to build your own well.

If we did nothing other than provide access to clean water, without any other medical intervention, we could save 2 million lives a year.

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