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Personal Stories

Juliette Alum

Juliette Alum is 18 years old and attends Omoro Secondary School, in Alebtong, Uganda. She hopes to be a teacher one day.

Juliette is thankful for her many opportunities, as she realizes that most girls in her culture do not get the chance to attend secondary school. She and many of her classmates stay at the school full-time since their villages are too far away to commute. However, there are no dorms at Omoro Secondary School, so the students sleep in the classrooms and bring food from home to cook.

Before the well, the students were constantly facing the challenge of getting clean water. Seeing the extreme need, several other organizations tried to drill for them and failed to reach water. This happened on four separate attempts. Now that the school finally has clean water, the students are free to focus on their studies. The well water is not just for drinking, the students also use this water for other things such as bathing, cooking, drinking, washing clothes.

The school administrators now expect this school to grow considerably in size because of the water. They even hope to be able to build dorms for the students in the near future.

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