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A girl getting clean water from the new well at Laminogwiri village in Uganda

Laminogwiri Village

Laminogwiri, Uganda ; Where the Drop in the Bucket Drilling Team Made a New Friend for Life When your work involves providing remote schools and

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Four children collecting water from the new well in Pudyek village

Pudyek Village

Pudyek Village in the Gulu District of Uganda had no clean water within a reasonable walking distance. While other parts of Gulu town have piped

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Children from Ngom Rom village stand by the new well drilled by Drop in the Bucket

Ngom Rom

Ngom Rom – A Village Transformed by Clean Water Nestled about 25 kilometers outside Gulu city lies Ngom Rom, a small village with a name

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A boy stands by the flag of Uganda at the Ongai primary school in Nwoya, Uganda

Ongai Primary School

Retiring teacher Prodly Leaves a Legacy of Clean Water Loum Joe Collins Christopher: A Headteacher’s Journey at Ongai Primary School As the sun sets on

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A woman collects water at the Akecha B village in Omoro, Uganda

Akecha B Village

Clean Water Brings Relief to a Woman Injured by a Notorious Terror Group A Grandmother’s Story Balvina Akullu, a proud grandmother of ten, smiles when

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