Paitino West community now has a well drilled by Drop in the Bucket

Paitino West

The new well that Drop in the Bucket drilled in Paitino West village provides water to the entire village which consists of 96 households. The

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This borehole well in Lutyek village, Pader Uganda was drilled by Drop in the Bucket in July 2020

Lutyek Village

Lutyek is a small village in Pader Uganda. The village falls within the town municipality, but the 86 households in Lutyek were never given the

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Borehole drilled for Pader Secondary School in Pader Uganda by Drop in the Bucket

Pader Secondary School

Pader Secondary School, located in Pader, Uganda, faced a significant challenge in accessing clean water. Historically, the school purchased water from the local trading center,

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