Alim Health Center II

Alim Health Center II: Where Nurses Haul Water Before They Can Care for Patients Imelda Amoding is the health assistant at Alim Health Center II

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Drop in the Bucket recently drilled a water well for the Awee Health Center in Gulu, Uganda

Awee Health Center

The Awee Health Center is in the Gulu District of northern Uganda. It is located in the Pece district and the Yeegwana parish.

On the average day the health center treats approximately 200 patients for common waterborne diseases, stomach parasites

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Drop in the Bucket Koboko, Uganda Ginyako Primary School water well

Ginyako Primary School

Ginyako Primary School is a government owned primary school in Ginyako, which is in the Alla Parish, in the Koboko district of northern Uganda. When Drop in the Bucket did a water and sanitation audit of this school, we found that the 900 children ha

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Layibi Techo Health Center

Patients at the Layibi Techo Health Center in Gulu, Uganda now have access to clean water thanks to a well drilled by Drop in the Bucket. The health center provides medical care to three neighboring villages and treats

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Kulu Keno Primary School

Students at Kulu Keno Primary School in Gulu, Uganda now have access to clean water thanks to a well drilled by Drop in the Bucket. Thank you to everyone who supported this project and made it happen. We couldn’t do it

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Keyi B Health Center

Before Drop in the Bucket drilled a well at the at the Keyi B Health Center in Gulu, Uganda, the staff had to walk 1 km to get water from a shallow well. While the old well did provide water,  it did not provide enoug

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Nyakaliso Primary School

Drop in the Bucket was approached about drilling a well at the Nyakaliso Primary School by an organization out of the UK called Africa Revival. We knew of African Revival from the excellent work they do building schools across East Africa, so we wer

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