Kati-Kati West now has a borehole well drilled by Drop in the Bucket

Kati-Kati West

In November 2021, Drop in the Bucket drilled a borehole well for the community at Kati-Kati West. At 50 meters we installed an India Mk ii hand pump with a flow through rate of 2.7 cubic meters of water per hour. This was more than sufficient even with so many people using the well.

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Three girls accessing clean water at the well drilled by Drop in the Bucket for the Wii- Aceng primary school in Omoro, Uganda

Wii-Aceng Primary School

The water situation in Te- Aceng village in Uganda could best be described as challenging. Consensus among hydrologists said that it was unlikely anyone would

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Three children getting clean water from the well drilled by US based water charity Drop in the Bucket at the Ogwari Community school in Omoro, Uganda

Ogwari Community School

In 2021, Drop in the Bucket’s drillers were looking at several schools in the Omoro district of northern Uganda.  One of the schools we visited

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