Masafu Primary School

In 2007 Drop in the Bucket visited the Masafu Primary School in Uganda. They had a well installed that had been set up using an old gas pump. The pump was starting to fail and also consumed water at a greater rate than the wells recharge rate.

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Drop in the Bucket Uganda Ongicia Primary School-Lira-Africa Water Well

Ongica Primary School

The Ongica Primary School is in the Adekokwok sub-county in the Lira district of Uganda. The school has 653 pupils; 314 boys and 339 girls. The toilets at the school were in bad shape, so along with the new well we also installed toilets, septics, a

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Drop in the Bucket Uganda Starch Factory Primary School-Lira-Africa Water Well

The Starch Factory Primary School

The Starch Factory Primary School was set up by the local community to educate children living in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. The UN set up the camps to house refugees from the 21-year-long guerilla war. A lot of the people living h

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Alapata Primary School

The Alapata Primary School is located in Alela village which is in the Alapata parish in the Batta sub-county of Dokolo, Uganda. This school has 839 pupils, which consist of 425 boys and 414 girls. Before Drop in the Bucket drilled this well the scho

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Drop in the Bucket Africa water wells Completed wells-uganda Oromo Primary School

Ororo Primary School

This Primary School of 719 children is in a very remote location on the outskirts of the Lira District. The School is found in Lira District and in Amach Sub-County. The installed well brought much needed sanitation and water to a hard hit area.

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells- Completed wells-Uganda Albert Primary School

Alebere Primary School

The Alebere Primary School is located in the Lira District and in Barr Sub-County. During our November 2008 trip, we visited the while the well was being built. The drillers had already hit water and were setting on the cement apron the day we took t

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