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Kenyi Openi

Kenyi Openi is 14 years old. He has three brothers and one sister, and is in 7th grade at Jalimo Orphanage Primary School, in South Sudan.

Kenyi says that the well Drop in the Bucket drilled has changed his life.  Before the well, his family was collecting water from a muddy, unprotected hand dug well, which would also dry up at times.  Pupils would often get water from the roadside puddles for washing and drinking.

Recently, Kenyi’s best friend got very sick and was missing a lot of school.   He had a number of concerning symptoms, including severe diarrhea.  The local doctor examined him and determined he boy had Bilharzia worm, which he had most likely contracted from these dirty water puddles.   Now the children have as much clean water as they can drink and no longer have to use these dirty sources.

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