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A Fresh Start Thanks to Clean Water

Meet Acaye Christopher, a spirited 63-year-old living in a rural Ugandan community. Like many in his village, Acaye used to rely on a local waterhole as their only water source. The waterhole was infested with small tadpole-like organisms and was unsafe to drink. This meant the villagers were constantly getting sick with water-borne illnesses like typhoid.

Christopher was first diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2003 and takes an ARV medication that requires water. Rainy days meant the water from the waterhole was contaminated, forcing him to skip his medication. This affected his health, leading to frequent illnesses. Doctors recommended water purification tablets, but he had no money to pay for them.

When Drop in the Bucket drilled a well in the village, everything changed for Christopher. The village now had clean safe water from the new borehole well and Christopher and the other villagers no longer had to worry about contaminated water. He now takes his medication on time and never has to worry about the water he is drinking.

This positive change has rejuvenated Christopher’s life. He’s back to tending his crops and enjoying his improved health. He actively participates in the village savings group and proudly states that he is a member of the committee that manages the new well. The area around the well is very clean and Christopher is determined to make sure it stays that way.

Christopher’s story is an example of how clean water access can bring joy and health to a community. Thanks to the new well, Christopher and his village are embracing a brighter, healthier future.

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