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A Grandmother’s Struggle with Dirty Water in Uganda

A Grandmother’s Struggle with Dirty Water in Uganda

In Uganda, many children are raised by their grandmothers when parents are absent or deceased. Anena Kevin’s family is one such example, cared for by their grandmother, Acan Margaret. Acan explains, “I have my two lovely ‘children’ to care for. Their parents separated and their mother had to leave the village to start working in town.”

Acan Margaret - grandmother from Oturuloya Lagwedola village in Uganda collecting water at a Drop in the Bucket drilled well

Acan Margaret does her best to support the children by growing vegetables in her garden. However, their only water source, an open waterhole, is contaminated with algae and shared with livestock. She feels immense guilt, saying, “Each time I saw them drinking that water, it felt like I had given them poison. I couldn’t stop them because they were thirsty.”

A Grandmother’s Struggle with Dirty Water

The situation worsened when her children fell ill with typhoid due to the contaminated water. Acan recalls, “I am old and have little to lose, but my children have their whole lives ahead.”

Despite the physical challenges, Acan made a daily two-kilometer journey to a clean water well. She reflects, “It was tough, but seeing the girls drink clean water made it worthwhile.”

To ease her burden, Acan started carrying smaller containers, but they still lacked enough clean water for household needs. Slippery paths posed dangers, with Acan once stuck halfway down, rescued by granddaughter Acan Evelyn.

Clean Water Changed Everything for This African Grandmother

Grateful, Acan Margaret says, “If it weren’t for you, I could have fallen or broken a leg fetching water.” Drop in the Bucket‘s well at Oturuloya Lagwedola brought clean water to the village, transforming their lives.

“I am thrilled my family has access to clean water. I am happy for my children and for everyone in the village. Please thank the donor who changed our lives. Your support has made an incredible difference for us.”

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