International Women’s Day 2020

As we look forward to celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, we’d like to give an update on a very special project close to our hearts.

We recently heard from the parish priest in Nimule, South Sudan that a compound that belongs to the church, which was previously occupied by some nuns, was coming available to rent.

The compound is very well secured with two gates, five building blocks, large grounds with lots of trees and it is very close to their school. Everything about the place is perfect. It’s been pretty neglected due to a lack of money for maintenance and repairs when the sisters were there.

So we would like to clean it up and make some repairs before we take the girls over.

We are officially moving into the new dormitory on April 1st!

A young female student lays down in her dorm bunk in Uganda

A Brighter Future For Young Girls

Drop in the Bucket’s girl education program in South Sudan works to identify primary school students who are excelling academically, but cannot afford to attend secondary school. We began sponsoring students in 2016 and currently have awarded over 100 girls with secondary school scholarships.

Since most of their parents are living in the refugee camps, we try to enroll our girls in boarding schools in Uganda. But not all of our students qualify to attend school in Uganda. So we have now opened the DROP dorm in South Sudan, which currently accommodates many of these girls. Our goal is to provide them with a safe learning environment where they are free to grow, create and pursue their academic dreams.

“If every girl worldwide received 12 years of quality education, lifetime earnings for women could increase by up to $30 trillion globally, boosting the GDPs of entire countries worldwide.”- MIT Solve

Students in Uganda smiling in class

How You Can Help

In order to get the new dorm in shape, we’ll need to do some painting, fixing up, piping water from the well to the bathrooms, and even putting a new roof on one of the buildings. Your donations will go directly toward making those much-needed repairs. The girls are so excited to be moving in by April 1st and we can’t wait to send you photos!

Your Support Helps Empower Young Women

& Creates A Brighter Future For Us All

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A large group of students in Uganda smile for Drop in the Bucket

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