Paitino West community now has a well drilled by Drop in the Bucket

Paitino West

The new well that Drop in the Bucket drilled in Paitino West village provides water to the entire village which consists of 96 households. The

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This borehole well in Lutyek village, Pader Uganda was drilled by Drop in the Bucket in July 2020

Lutyek Village

Lutyek is a small village in Pader Uganda. The village falls within the town municipality, but the 86 households in Lutyek were never given the

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Borehole drilled for Pader Secondary School in Pader Uganda by Drop in the Bucket

Pader Secondary School

Pader Secondary School, located in Pader, Uganda, faced a significant challenge in accessing clean water. Historically, the school purchased water from the local trading center,

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Drop in the Bucket drillers working on a borehole well at Ogom Telela Primary School in Uganda

Ogom Telela Primary School

The situation at Ogom Telela school in Ogom Telela village, Pader District, Ogom Sub-County once posed a significant challenge regarding access to safe water. Initially,

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Amoko Primary School

Before the well, the school’s only water source was a rainwater harvesting tank, which was only effective during or immediately after the rainy season, but not much help during any of the dry months. During those times the students would have to bring water with them to school from any water source they could find. This often meant that the children were thirsty or drinking unsafe water.

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Obolokome Primary School

Before this well was drilled the only source of water for the Obolokome Primary School and the Obolokome village were local streams. Unfortunately water from streams is not safe to drink as it is very susceptible to contaminants. The school and the surrounding village was in urgent need of clean water, which is why the team from Drop in the Bucket acted quickly after being told about the school, and their lack of clean water, by the district authorities.

Drop in the Bucket drillers were able to hit water at the depth of 50 meters and the water tested clean and safe to drink.

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