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Okunguro Primary School

The Okunguro Primary School is located in the Adala village of the Asuret sub-county of Soroti Uganda. The school has a lot of students, there are 1535 total; 798 boys and 737 girls. The well will also be used by three neighboring villages. The schoo

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Obule Primary School

The Obule Primary School is located in the Asreet sub-county of Soroti, Uganda. The school has 865 students; 440 boys and 425 girls. The school was originally started by the Church of Uganda and was taken over by the government in 1976. The school ha

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Africa water well drilling- Drop in the Bucket South Sudan - Torit- Lohehe Primary

Lohehe Primary School

The Lohehe Primary School is located in the village Lohehe which is near Torit, South Sudan.

The well is currently being used by 669 people. At the time of the well construction the school only had 115 pupils which is much less than our usual

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Telamot Primary School

The Telamot Primary School is located in the Gweri sub-county of Soroti in a village called Telamot. The school has 522 students: 256 boys and 266 girls. The nearest well is 1.5 kms away and it is a community well shared by several villages. It is al

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Water Wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket King Of Kings Secondary School

King of Kings College

The King of Kings College is a university in Mukura village which is in the Mukura parish of the Mukura sub-county in Ngora, Uganda. The new well is used by the school and the local community. The school currently has 184 boys and 197 girls enrolled

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Drop in the Bucket Africa water wells - Christ Bright Academy

Christ Bright Primary School

The Christ Bright Academy is located in Torit, South Sudan.

The school opened in 2008 with only a few pupils, however due to the school’s high performance, they started to register a large number of pupils. In 2010 they opened a new branch a

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Oguruny Primary School

The Oguruny Primary School is located in the Torit region of South Sudan, in a village called Oguruny. The well is now being used by the school and by the local community which together totals 1850 people.


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Okulu Primary School

The Okulu Primary School is located in a village called Okulu in Torit, South Sudan.

The primary school was formally opened in 1987 about 5 kms away from the main road. At that time, the current headmaster Paul George Lokang was among the pupils a

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Water wells Africa South-Sudan Drop In The Bucket-Comboni Secondary School

Comboni Secondary School

This project was a major rehabilitation to a well that another organization had installed several years ago. The well was no longer working so we replaced all of the riser pipes, the pump and redid the cement base.

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Namakwa Primary School

Namakwa Secondary School

The Namakwa Secondary School is located in the Mukono District of Uganda, in the Kyabalogo village which is in the Nakisunga sub-County. The well serves the school and two nearby villages.

The school has 439 pupils; 207 boys and 232 girls. There

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