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Royal Kids Infant School

The Royal Kids Infant School is located in the Kuminamukaga village which is in the Kasambya sub-county of the Mubende District. The well is being used by the school and 3 neighboring villages. The school has 472 children; 201 boys and 271 girls. Bet

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Mathiang Primary School

Mathiang Primary School

This was a rehabilitation project where we fixed an existing well that been broken for a long time.

The Mathiang Primary School is a very large school with 1412 pupils. Many of the students are recent returnees who had previously been living in th

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Water wells Africa-South Sudan Drop In The Bucket Aweil Dr John Garang School

Dr John Garang School

In 2012 Aweil suffered from major flooding as you can see in the photos. This well had been drilled several years ago by another organization, but it fell into disrepair during the war between Sudan and South Sudan. Drop in the Bucket went to the sch

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Water wells Africa- Drop in the Bucket- completed wells- Lira- Amach Modern

Amach Modern Secondary School

Lira district, Amugo sub-county, enrollment 1117 students, before the well the nearest water source was a shallow well which they shared with Ayito Primary School with over 900 pupils

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Lwawuna Primary School

Lwawuna Primary School

The Lwawuna Primary School is located in the Nabingoola sub-County of the Mubende district of central Uganda. The school has 902 children and the well serves the school and three neighboring villages.

Before the well, the nearest source of clean w

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Water Wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Integrity Nursery School

Integrity Nursery School

The Integrity Nursery & Primary School Well is located within the Kole District in Northern Uganda, Africa. Although this well was drilled for a school of just 117 students, the community surrounding the school is very large and densely populated

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Water wells Africa-Uganda-Drop In The Bucket - Ayile Community Primary School

Ayile Community Primary School

The Ayile Community School in in the Alito sub-county of the recently redistricted Kole District. There are 250 students at the school which was formed by local residents, but there are also 5 villages that are also using the well. Even though it see

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Olil Primary School

The Olil Primary School is in the Lira District of Uganda in the Amach sub-county. The school has 541 pupils. The well was deeper than a lot of our wells in the area, in fact we ended up drilling over 90 feet down before we hit water.

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Water wells Uganda Africa Drop In The Bucket Angolocom Primary School

Angolocom Primary School

The Angolocom Primary School is in the Agweng sub-county in the Lira district of Uganda and has over 1000 pupils. Even though it took twice as long as normal and took twice as many riser pipes as we normally need, the school urgently needed clean wat

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