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Orimai Primary School

The Orimai Primary School is located in Otatai parish, Asuret subcounty, Soroti district of Eastern Uganda. Drop in the Bucket drilled a well for this school on June 29th 2014. While drilling, we first hot water at 10 meters, but carried on drilling

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Africa water wells- Drop in the Bucket- Uganda completed wells - Awoke Primary School

Akoke Primary School

The Akoke Primary School is located in a village named Oburiokori, which is in the Kamusala parish of the Kateta sub-county in Serere, Uganda. The well was completed on May 9th 2015.

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Akisim Parents Nursery & Primary School

The Akisim Parents Nursery and Primary School is in the Akisim village in the Akisim parish in the Kapir sub-county of the Ngora district of Uganda. The well was completed on May 8th 2015 and was working fine when we last visited it in 2017.

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Atake-Kongo community well

Atake-Kongo Community Well

Drop in the Bucket Africa water charity,
Atake Kongo Community Well completed wells,
Uganda Africa
The Atake-Kongo community well is located in Kongo Village in the Omodoi Sub County of the Katakwi district in the Teso district of Uganda.


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Olupe Primary School

The Olupe Primary School is located in Kyere which is in Soroti, Uganda. The school has 554 boys and 569 girls. That means the well will serve 2943 people. The 1123 students plus the 5 neighboring villages.

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