Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Lwawuna Primary School

Awoo Primary School

The Awoo Primary School is located in Gulu District and in Lakwana Sub-County of northern Uganda. The school has 442 boys and 368 girls, a total of 810 pupils.

The school’s only source of water was a well at the nearby IDP camp. The school had 5 toi

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells-Completed wells-Tanzania-Ormelili Village

Ormelili Village

Our first well in Tanzania came about after being approached by a group from Florida led by Gay and Ronnie Rose. The Rose’s had raised some money in Florida and realized they needed help negotiating with drillers in Tanzania. We started talking to th

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Drop in the Bucket- Africa water wells - Completed wells-Uganda-Busumbu

Busumbu Primary School

Located on the top of Mt. Elgon in Uganda are three adjacent schools that had UN-supplied rainwater-harvesting tanks as their only source of water. One of the schools is the Leonard Cheshire School for Disabled Children. Another is the St. Joseph’s

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells- Completed wells Uganda -Alito Leper Primary School

Alito Leper Primary School

The Alito Leper Primary School is located in the Apac District and in Alito Sub-County of northern Uganda.The school was originally located near a center the treated people with leprosy, which is where the name is derived from. In October 2008, Drop

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Drop in the Bucket-water wells Africa- completed wells Kakindu Primary School

Kakindu Primary School

The Kakindu Primary School is located in the Kiyuni sub-county of the Mubende district and has 315 pupils. In Lira, due in part to the war, people tend to live more densely. But here in other more rural areas of Uganda, people live in smaller communi

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Drop in the Bucket-Amach Primary School-Lira-Uganda-Africa Water Well

Amach Primary School

Located in the Lira District of northern Uganda, Amach Primary School was a recipient of one of our complete water systems. The well was installed in 2008 and the rest of the system soon followed.

The following was taken from the hydro-geological re

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Drop in the Bucket-Adwila Primary School-Gulu-Uganda-Africa Water Wells

Adwila Primary School

Located in the Adekokwok Sub-County of the Lira District of northern Uganda, Adwila Primary School has 966 pupils; 473 boys and 493 girls. The well was completed in May 2008.

Before we installed the well, there were two previous water sources, bot

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Drop in the Bucket-completed wells-Gulu, Uganda Lukome Primary School

Lukome Secondary School

The Lukome Secondary School was one of our first projects in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. The school is located in the Bungatira sub-county. Although the enrollment numbers are often smaller at secondary schools than primary schools, we feel

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Drop in the Bucket-completed wells-gulu-Uganda-Graceland-Girls-College

Graceland Girls College

Although Drop in the Bucket was initially formed as a clean water charity, we quickly became a clean water and sanitation charity, as we realized very quickly that clean water was only part of the solution. The link between education, gender issues a

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Drop in the Bucket-Uganda water wells-completed projects-Nauyo Primary School

Nauyo Primary School

This School of 2100 was originally set up by the Salvation Army who had later turned it over to the local community. When we arrived the school was without water and sanitation and the children had to walk over a mile for the nearest water source. Th

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Mudodo Primary School

The well at Mudodo was completed in conjunction with our associates from Australia who installed a roundabout pump on the well. This was our first roundabout pump. The pictures show the roundabout being fitted to the well.

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Masafu Primary School

In 2007 Drop in the Bucket visited the Masafu Primary School in Uganda. They had a well installed that had been set up using an old gas pump. The pump was starting to fail and also consumed water at a greater rate than the wells recharge rate.

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Drop in the Bucket Uganda Ongicia Primary School-Lira-Africa Water Well

Ongica Primary School

The Ongica Primary School is in the Adekokwok sub-county in the Lira district of Uganda. The school has 653 pupils; 314 boys and 339 girls. The toilets at the school were in bad shape, so along with the new well we also installed toilets, septics, a

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Drop in the Bucket Uganda Starch Factory Primary School-Lira-Africa Water Well

The Starch Factory Primary School

The Starch Factory Primary School was set up by the local community to educate children living in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. The UN set up the camps to house refugees from the 21-year-long guerilla war. A lot of the people living h

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Alapata Primary School

The Alapata Primary School is located in Alela village which is in the Alapata parish in the Batta sub-county of Dokolo, Uganda. This school has 839 pupils, which consist of 425 boys and 414 girls. Before Drop in the Bucket drilled this well the scho

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