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Drop in the Bucket community well Barpok Village, Uganda

Barpok Community Well


Although we work mainly in schools, orphanages and medical centers, a few vehicle issues ended up providing an exception to this rule. After some of our drillers and a few friends ended up spending several hours in this very remote village

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Drop in the Bucket- Africa water wells- South Sudan- Magwi- Stars of Hope Primary School

Stars of Hope Primary School

This is a very large school as the enrollment at the Primary School is 1175, 412 girls and 359 boys, but there are an additional 404 younger children that attend the attached nursery school. The well serves the Primary school, the Nursery School and

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Drop in the Bucket- Africa water wells - Uganda-Kidilani Primary School

Kidilani Primary School

The Kidilani Primary School is located in the Apac District and in the Cegere Sub-County of northern Uganda.

This well was funded by a campaign called Running for Water. This was a fundraising initiative set up by two runners from Washington State

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells-Uganda-Kyankowe Day & Boarding School

Kyankowe Day & Boarding School

The Kyankowe Day and Boarding School is in central Uganda. It is centrally located near five villages in the Kyankowe parish. 420 pupils attend school there, 223 boys and 197 girls. Among them are 30 orphans. Thirteen teachers currently work at the s

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells - Uganda- Maundo Primary School

Maundo Primary School

The Maundo Primary School is located in Tororo District and in Nagongera Sub-County of Uganda. This project was a collaboration between Drop in the Bucket and Rotary International. Rotary is involved with several projects in the area and asked Drop i

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Drop in the Bucket - completed wells- Uganda-Gulu- Mother Teresa Primary School

Mother Teresa Nursery & Primary School

Mother Teresa’s Nursery School is located in the Gulu District and in Laroo Sub-County.It is a boarding school for deaf and disadvantaged children. It was set up by a Ugandan Nun and funded by group called the Lillian Foundation.

The school was star

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Drop in the Bucket-Africa water wells-Uganda-Agwata Primary School Gallery

Agwata Primary School

The Agwata Primary School in the Agwata Atidi village in the Agwatta sub-county of the Dokolo district in northern Uganda. The school currently has 405 boys and 390 girls. Drilling was particularly challenging at this particular site and after comple

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Drop in the Bucket-completed wells and toilets- South Sudan-Nimule Children's village orphanage-Gallery

Nimule Children’s Village

The Children’s Village orphanage in Nimule was originally started by Americans, but is now operated and run by a staff of 35 local Sudanese who take care of over 240 orphans.

A few of the children at this orphanage were gathered up from decimated

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Drop in the Bucket-water wells Africa-completed wells-Uganda-Mityana-St Josephs Kamuli

St joseph Kamuli Primary School

The village of Kayunga is 3km by 3km and the population is about 2500. It is located in Kamuli parish, Malangala sub-county in the Mityana district of central Uganda. The village’s location is situated on high ground and before the well its only

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Drop in the Bucket completed toilets- Uganda- Gulu High School- Pour Flush toilets- bio-digestion toilets.

Gulu High School

Gulu High School currently has 1224 pupils, 706 boys and 518 girls. The school recently had a new water source installed. However, its toilets were still in a very bad state of disrepair, and the school urgently needed a better sanitation solution th

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Drop in the Bucket-completed wells-Uganda-Akwiaworo Primary School-Gallery

Akwiaworo Primary School

The Akwiaworo Primary School is located in the Kole District and in Adekokwok Sub-County of northern Uganda.

The “Wake up and Dream” Organization in Washington DC held their first “Rock the Boat DC” fundraiser iin 2011 which helped to give this sc

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Drop in the Bucket-frica Water Wells-completed wells-Aler Primary School-Gulu-Uganda

Aler Primary School

The Aler Primary School is located in a village named Adag-awea, which is is the Apoka parish of the Ogur sub-region in the Lira district of northern Uganda. At the time we drilled this well, the Aler Primary School had a total of 873 students: 463 b

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