Drop in the Bucket-Agali Primary School-Lira-Uganda-Africa Water Well Photos

Agali Primary School

Located in the Lira District and in Amach Sub-County of northern Uganda, Agali Primary School has 683 pupils; 399 boys and 286 girls. The well was completed in April 2008.

Before the well, their only source of water was a shallow, hand dug well wh

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Drop in the Bucket- Maguezane, Mozambique-well

Maguezane Village

Our first well in Mozambique was in a remote village called Maguezane. After a cholera outbreak had killed almost a third of the village’s inhabitants in just a year, we knew we had to do something fast. The villagers were quick to form a water commi

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Lira Secondary School

Our well at Lira Secondary School was commissioned in January 2008 and completed in March 2008. It was the first complete system installed by our drillers without present supervision from any member of Drop in the Bucket. We feel like they performed

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Water wells Africa- Uganda- Drop In The Bucket-Ayile Community Primary School

Ayile Primary School

The Ayile Primary School has 519 pupils and is also located in a very remote part of the Aromo Sub-County in the Lira district. The school feels very strongly that with a well in place, the enrollment will increase significantly. This has certainly b

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Drop in the Bucket-Completed wells-Uganda-Ateri Primary School

Ateri Primary School

Located in Erute in the Lira District of northern Uganda, Ateri Primary School had 727 children without access to clean water. Since the well’s installation in March of 2008, school enrollment has gone up significantly.

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Africa water well drilling -Drop in the Bucket Alworo Primary School Lira Uganda

Alworo Primary School

The well at the Alworo Primary School of 593 children was completed in February 2008. The toilets, septics, hand-washing station, roundabout pump and underground reservoir tank soon followed. This was also the first school at which we upgraded the do

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Drop in the Bucket - Uganda water well drilling charity- Imanyiro village

Imanyiro Village

Our good friend Robinah set up a nursery school named after her father in Imanyiro. She also runs a Primary school in the Jinja area, but “Pop’s Place” in Imanyiro is a particularly great school. Rather than trying to educate hungry children, Robinah

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Drop in the Bucket-Completed wells-Uganda-Ayito Primary School

Ayito Primary School

The Ayito Primary School is located in Lira District and in Amach Sub-County. This school of 1153 children was our first project in the Lira district of northern Uganda. The well was completed in early 2007.

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-Completed wells-Uganda-Kakoni_Primary_School-Gallery

Kakoni Primary School

The Kakoni Primary School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found in Kiruhura District and in Buremba Sub-County. This was a small Primary School in a village of 400 adults. The well was commissioned in October 2006 and completed in Nov

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Uganda water wells -Drop in the Bucket Wairasa Mayuge district

Wairasa CC

In October 2006, we broke ground on our first well project, located in the small village of Wairasa in the Mayuge District of Uganda. The village has a 1200 person population and relies on sugar cane as a main industry source. The average walk to the

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