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Obutei-Ewechu Community Well

Obutei-Ewechu Community well is located in Arapai sub-county in the northern part of the Soroti district in Teso sub-region.

The community of Obutei village initially got water from an unprotected well which was 3 Kilometers from most homesteads.

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Nananga-Baseke community well

Nananga-Baseke Community Well

The Nananga-Baseke community well is located in the Nananga village, Kateta Sub County in the Serere district of Uganda.

The Nananga village which is located near a lake and before the borehole was drilled, the local women collected water from

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Water-wells-Africa-Uganda-Drop In The Bucket Atape Omara Community Well

Atape Omara Community Well

Drop in the Bucket Africa water charity, Atape Omara Community Well completed wells, Uganda Africa

The Atape-Omara community well is located in Omara village, Bugondo Sub County in the Serere district of Uganda.

Before the borehole was dril

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Drop in the Bucket-Uganda water wells Abelakwap village

Abelakwap Community Well

Abelakwap Community well is located in Adamasiko village, Katine Sub County, in Soroti district.

The people of Abelakwap village used to travel over 3 kilometers to the nearby Adamasiko Primary school in search of water. In addition, the commu

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Water Wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Kacherede Primary School

Kacherede Primary School

The Kacherede Primary School is located in the Kacherede village in the Kodukul parish of the Ongino sub-county in Kumi, Uganda. This well is now providing water to 1271 people.


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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Erutu community

Erutu Community well

The Erutu community well is located in Odomai village, Ochocia Parish, Ogolai Sub County in Amuria District.

In rural communities there are several places where people get their water. The best are borehole wells, the worst are polluted water

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Water wells Africa- Uganda Drop In The Bucket Akado-Obangin Community well

Akado-Obangin Community Well

The Akado-Obangin Community well is located in Obangin village in the Akore parish of the Ogolai sub-county in the Amuria District of Uganda.

With a population of over 450 people, the community members were sharing an open water source which w

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Aburet-Olekat Community Well

The Aburet-Olekat community well is located in the Aburet village in the Akoromit Sub County of the Amuria District, Uganda.

Up until recently the local community always got their water from a waterhole 5 Kilometers away. This water source was als

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Odoom-Adcar Community Primary School

The Odoom-Adacar primary school is located in the Usuk sub-county in the Katakwi district of Uganda.

The school currently has a population of 171 pupils and 11 teachers. Before the safe water was provided, the school had been deserted and had only

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Malera Primary School

Malera Primary School

The Malera primary school is located at Malera sub-County in Bukedea district in Uganda.

The school has over 1000 children and is one of the schools with the highest pupil population in the district. The children used to cross the road 3kms away i

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Ogongora Primary School

The Ogongora primary school located in Kakure Sub County in Kaberamaido district in North Eastern Uganda

The school has a population of over 700 pupils but up until now had never benefited from any organization or from the Ugandan Government.

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Acowa-Agogomit Community Well

Acowa-Agogomit community well is located in Agogomit village, Mukura Sub-County, Ngora district.

Before the well was constructed, the people in this village had to walk 4 kilometers to fetch water. Women who have the responsibility of collecti

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Abuket Akwanga Community Well

The Abuket-Akwanga community well is located in Kyere Sub County of the Serere district in Uganda.

Before the intervention, the women of Abuket village were forced to use unsafe water from a nearby swamp that would dry up during dry season. Wh

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Water wells Africa Uganda Drop In The Bucket Kapir community well

Kapir Community Well

Kapir community well is located in Kapir village which is in the Kapir Sub County of the Ngora district in the Teso sub-Region of Uganda.

The community of Kapir village used to have to walk 5 kilometers to get to water from the nearest swamp.

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